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Spirit's Destination Photo

Buy this Spirit's Destination photo.
High quality MER space picture, poster, slide, or Duratrans backlit transparency. NASA photograph PIA05591. Wide variety of sizes.

This panoramic image mosaic from the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit panoramic camera, shows the rover's destination toward the hills nicknamed the "Columbia Hills," on the right. The rover's heatshield can be seen on the left as a tiny bright dot in the distance, just under the horizon. Dark drift material can be seen in the image center.

The rover is currently positioned outside the view of this image, on the right. This image was taken on sols 68 and 69 of Spirit's mission (March 12 and 13, 2004) from the location the rover first reached on the western rim of the crater. The image is in approximate true color, based on a scaling of data from the red, green and blue (750 nanometers, 530 nanometers, and 480 nanometers) filters.

Date Taken: March 12,13, 2004
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell

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