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How The Photographs Are Made

These prints are the highest quality custom photographs available. They are not an inkjet "printed" or "litho" poster product. Enlargements are made from digital products with a Chromira or Lightjet and printed on high quality photographic paper, Fujicolor Crystal Archive, with your choice of a glossy, luster, or matte surface. Read what nature and landscape photographer Chris Carvalho has to say about the Chromira.

Here are the results of fading tests conducted by archival expert Henry Wilhelm for the International Association of Fine Art Digital Printmakers. Wilhelm is also the author of the definitive book on image stability, "The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs."

Photographic Color Print Life Without Noticeable Fading

 RA-4 Process Color Papers
 Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper   60 years
 Kodak Ektacolor Edge 7 and Royal VII Papers  18 years
 Konica Color QA Paper Type A7  14 years
 Agfacolor Paper Type 10  13 years

 Silver Dye-Bleach Color Materials
 Ilford Ilfochrome Classic Deluxe polyester-base  29 years
 Ilford Ilfochrome RC-base prints   29 years

(C) 1998 by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.


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