Matte vs Luster vs Glossy Surface

Which is better a matte or luster or a glossy surface? This is the most asked question of all. The truth is, it just depends on what you think looks better. All prints are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper. Here are a few comments gleaned from the internet.

FOR: eye-catching bright vibrant colors, shiny surface, crisp and sharp, rich and colorful
AGAINST: shows fingerprints easily especially in black areas ... shiny surface produces glare and reflections especially when framed under regular glass

Luster finish has less glare than glossy, but with the same color saturation & sharpness. It has a slight texture which helps defract glare. Luster finish is considered more "professional" for weddings & portraits, as well as having reduced glare and they aren't fingerprint magnets.

FOR: easier to view from all angles and in all kinds of light because the surface does not easily reflect light ... doesn't readily show fingerprints ... matte paper can have a more professional look ... matte looks more handmade and artistic
AGAINST: doesn't seem to be as vibrant ... less rich ... softer, more subtle finish

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