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Lunar Landing Site Map
The landing sites of the Apollo, Luna, and Surveyor missions have been added to this LEM map.

This USAF Lunar Reference Mosaic, LEM (Lunar Earthside Hemisphere) is a composite photo mosaic of the Moon produced from selected photographs taken at Mt. Wilson, McDonald and Pic du Midi Observatories. Sections of twenty-four photographs were chosen which would provide a constant sun angle in order to maintain a uniform portrayal of lunar craters and prominences.

This mosaic was compiled to an orthographic projection which shows the Moon as a sphere as viewed from an infinite distance. Each photograph was copied to a common scale and rectified to mean libration in order for it to match or fit adjacent sections. The USAF Lunar Reference Mosaic was originally compiled in February 1960.

Created/Published by Aeronautical Chart and Information Center U.S. Air Force

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