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Click to enlargeInflight Crew Portrait Photo

February 9, 2001
Inflight Group Portrait

The three-man Expedition One crew hosts its second group of visitors since beginning occupancy of the International Space Station in November of last year. A pre-set digital still camera was used to record the gathering. Wearing blue flight suits for the reunion are the station's first fulltime occupants--astronaut William M. (Bill) Shepherd (rear left), Expedition One commander; cosmonaut Yuri P. Gidzenko (front left), Soyuz commander; and cosmonaut Sergei K. Krikalev (rear right), flight engineer. Astronauts Kenneth D. Cockrell (second left, rear) and Mark L. Polansky (second right, rear) are STS-98 mission commander and pilot, respectively. Astronauts Thomas D. Jones, Marsha S. Ivins and Robert L. Curbeam--all mission specialists--are in front. Atlantis docked to the station on schedule at 10:51 a.m. (CST), Feb. 9 and the station and shuttle crews opened hatches between the spacecraft at 1:03 p.m., promptly beginning to unload supplies. The three-member station crew, on the eve of their 100th day aboard the outpost, greeted their first visitors in almost two months. The hatches were open for about four hours before they were closed in preparation for the first of three upcoming space walks, a six-hour sojourn scheduled for the following day from Atlantis by Jones and Curbeam.

Credits: NASA

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