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Click to enlargeChina Hong Kong Photo

Buy Hong Kong China space photo.
High quality Space Shuttle picture, slide, or Duratrans backlit transparency. NASA photo STS009-033-1276. Wide variety of sizes.

The British Crown Colony of Hong Kong, an important center of world commerce in the Far East that covers 399 square miles (1033 square kilometers), is discernible in this east-looking, low-oblique photograph. The tan circular area is the Chinese city of Shenzhen that lies along the China-Hong Kong border. Hong Kong colony lies adjacent to Kwangtung Province in southeastern China on the estuary of the Canton River, east of Macao (not visible), and 90 miles (145 kilometers) southeast of the Chinese city of Canton (not visible).

Hong Kong is a free port, a bustling trade center, and a shipping and banking emporium. Major industries include textiles, garment mills, shipbuilding, food processing, plastics, electrical and electronic equipment, rubber products, machinery, chemicals, ceramics, furniture, jewelry, toys, motion picture production, insurance, printing and publishing, and tourism. Because of the mountainous and rocky terrain, approximately only one-seventh of the land is arable. Rice and vegetables are major crops. Leased by China to Great Britain in 1898, Hong Kong is due to return to China in 1997.

Photo Credit: JSC/NASA

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