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Buy this Apollo 15 EVA Art Photo. High quality Apollo 15 picture, slide, or Duratrans backlit transparency. NASA photo number S71-39614 . Wide variety of sizes.

An artist's concept of the Apollo 15 Command and Service Modules (CSM), showing two crewmembers performing a new-to-Apollo extravehicular activity (EVA).

The figure at left represents astronaut Alfred M. Worden, command module pilot, connected by an umbilical tether to the CM, at right, where a figure representing astronaut James B. Irwin, lunar module pilot, stands at the open CM hatch. Worden is working with the panoramic camera in the Scientific Instrument Module (SIM). Behind Irwin is the 16mm data acquisition camera.

Date Taken/Released: July 1971
Credit: NASA, Artwork by North American Rockwell.

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